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Wine Culture

Wine Culture

Wine Culture: What is it? Who Cares?

Here at Fuel, wine is a very important part of our dining experience. We try to offer a very broad selection at varying price levels.

We also strive to maintain a good knowledge on the wines we carry. Our staff is constantly tasting, re-reading, and changing our wine list to reflect Fuel’s changing menu and the changing seasons.

We feel wine should be relaxing and fun; but we also have some serious reserve selections.  If you order a special wine like Opus One, we will serve it in the newest Riedel crystal, the Riedel Flow. We’ll also decant it in a handblown Riedel Cornetto decanter.

Our restaurant invests heavily in its collection, searching out wines that cannot be found anywhere else in central Maine. We stock California wines like Nyers, Joseph Carr, Silverado and Heitz; From France, we offer first growth Bordeaux and many Premiere Cru selections.

The list is a reflection of our personalities, our “feel,” and our culture. It’s as important as the pictures on the wall, our music, and our food.

Wine Tasting Events

We actually close our restaurant when we have a wine tasting to completely focus on making the event special. Tastings usually consist of five courses that have been matched with the wines. The wines are thoroughly researched and tasted before the event by our entire staff. We also make it a priority to bring in a host that is directly involved in the production of the featured wines, even if that means flying them in from France or Spain.

These events are fun for our guests, but even more fun for our staff. They reflect the way we feel fine dining should be, with multiple smaller courses and wonderful wines paired specifically to the food. If you’d like to receive invitations to our wine tastings, please subscribe to our newsletter. We typically host 3-4 wine tastings per year.

Knowledge and Training

Several of our staff are continually trained, attending several wine tastings per year, studying tasting notes, and learning from our distributor partners. If you want to know what’s in our Bordeaux by the glass, we can guarantee that at least one of our waitstaff knows. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to keep learning so we can help you make the best decision on wine for your dining experience.

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